EQI is a U.S.-based company that offers global sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics services for metal components. With highly qualified affiliates around the world and nearly 20 years of China-centered sourcing experience, we can help you navigate the business and cultural landscape while avoiding the potential pitfalls of global trade.

Our team has decades of experience that can be applied to your projects, including:

  • Cultivating relationships with ISO 9001-certified foundries and factories in China and India
  • Helping develop foundries from the ground up to meet our customers’ high quality standards
  • Choosing manufacturing locations strategically to reduce risk and ensure access to multiple shipping ports
  • Deploying a staff of 30 Chinese and Indian engineers, process managers, sourcing experts, and logistics professionals—most fluent in multiple languages—to provide daily project management and engineering support on the ground


The diversified, coordinated approach of our global team ensures that cost, quality, and delivery meet or exceed your requirements. We’ve found that keeping our support staff embedded within our network foundry affiliates helps us streamline problem-solving, encourage process improvements, confirm product quality, secure competitive shipping rates, and quickly follow up on customer requests—in other words, everything it takes to satisfy you.


EQI’s deep freight forwarding experience and our model of VMI warehousing has EQI team members in the U.S. and Asia working closely with our partner suppliers and international customers to keep projects moving 24/7. We offer weekly container shipments from China and India to EQI-managed warehouses in countries on four continents, with a world-class JIT delivery record and quality acceptance level.


Our diverse engineering staff has knowledge and experience related to a variety of casting process methods. This means EQI can offer the most competitive process to meet each individual application need, not just a one–size-fits-all manufacturing approach.


Let EQI simplify your supply chain. In today’s environment of complex global sourcing, we can mitigate your risk and strengthen your procurement team by tailoring solutions for a broad array of logistics, quality, and engineering requirements. After all, risk mitigation should be more about capitalizing on opportunities than avoiding the pitfalls that can occur with off-shore supply chains, and EQI can show you the way.


EQI Global Headquarters:
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Phone: 616-850-2630
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Email: info@eqiltd.com

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