New Technology Delivers Greater Accuracy and Efficiency

EQI customers can now take advantage of our new FARO Laser Line Scanner. This technology allows us to capture 3D data, which can be used for first/last piece inspection, PPAP qualification, and periodic verification of tooling. The resulting data map is more complete than any CMM program or manual layout, as all external surfaces of the object can be inspected. Measurements are more accurate than those done with handheld tools, such as calipers, and data can be digitized and stored for review.

This technology can also shorten development lead times by eliminating the time spent programming a CMM prior to inspecting the first part. The FARO Laser Line Scanner is also very portable, and can be moved between foundries via passenger car, train, or air. This powerful technology can be deployed to our suppliers as needed to support your critical launches. We look forward to seeing all the ways this new tool can improve your results and satisfaction.

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