Supply chain risk and uncertainty are as high as they’ve ever been. The experts at EQI have some thoughts on process improvements that can help you strengthen your procurement programs.

Managing the Casting Supply Chain

By Mike Gavle, Logistics Manager | September 20, 2022

Today’s supply chains are more complex than ever and continue to be impacted by the pandemic, natural disasters, geopolitical challenges, trade disputes, and other risks.  Successful management of a casting supply chain requires a defined step-by-step process; metallurgical and casting design expertise; sourcing and logistics experience; on-the-ground management of a global network of foundries; and…

The Now Normal New Normal

By Mike Gavle, Logistics Manager | March 29, 2022

The now-normal new normal, for supply chain operations, is not likely to improve anytime soon.

What to Expect from the Containerized Freight Network in 2022 and Beyond

By Mike Gavle, Logistics Manager | December 7, 2021

Covid variants, extreme weather, and labor will continue to have a negative impact on all logistics operations as we head into 2022. Covid is again restricting air travel, which in turn impedes the air freight network. Much as forest fires did a few months ago, flooding in the Pacific Northwest has severely disrupted rail services.…

Three Freight Strategies for Securing Inventory

By Mike Gavle, Logistics Manager | November 30, 2021

As anyone in the logistics field knows, a confluence of stressors continue to strain a highly congested and extremely delicate network. Ocean freight demand at all origins around the world already far exceeds capacity, with no end in sight to that demand. Congestion in one region, whether caused by demand or low water, can wreak…

Five Key Steps to Assure Product Conformance and Quality from Overseas Foundries

By Jim Brown, Quality Manager | August 11, 2021

Sourcing cast parts through overseas foundries can make ensuring product quality more complicated, but certainly not impossible. The right sourcing and logistics partner can make all the difference. Your partner should conduct careful validation and vetting, have an onsite presence at the foundry, and provide risk mitigation in case of unforeseen issues. Look for a…