EQI Adds Solidification Analysis Capabilities

By: Blake

Reducing development lead times and ensuring high quality conforming parts have always been at the top of EQI’s priority list.  After nearly 6 months of test and evaluation of various solidification and simulation products, EQI has chosen EKK’s “CapCast” simulation software to assist in the design and development of cast products for its customers.  Established in 1991, EKK has worked with the casting industry for over twenty years to continuously advance casting simulation technologies.

Utilizing the software, EQI can now offer predictive solutions to a wide variety of metal casting concerns including Solidification, Fluid Flow, Solidification Stress, and Porosity analysis.  Several iterations of part gating systems can now be designed and simulated (often several times) allowing EQI to accurately identify potential casting defects.  This analysis will enable EQI to identify and test potential solutions to those defects while at the same time optimizing the casting process – all before tooling is constructed and samples are produced.   This Implementation of the EKK software suite will give EQI the ability to compress development timelines, trim development costs, and deliver conforming first article castings with a high degree of confidence from the start of production.

“We are very excited about this new software and the capabilities it brings to EQI,” commented EQI’s Casting Engineer, Curtis Beene.  “The addition of EKK’s CapCast software to our development toolkit will allow us to consistently deliver high-quality products to our customers in a timely fashion.” 

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