Forklift & Aerial Work

Supply Chain, Simplified


Forklift & Aerial Work Overview

EQI specializes in the design, manufacture, and delivery of high-quality counterweights ranging from 100 lbs to eight tons, and structural castings and attachments ranging from one pound to eight tons apiece. We deliver exceptional PPV, saving millions of dollars annually through design improvements/process improvements that streamline manufacturing. Multilingual staff are positioned at our foundries around the world, applying a problem-solving approach to ensure quality and product security. And our wide breadth means customers aren’t limited by size, material, or process. No wonder the industry’s leading OEM has trusted EQI as a partner-status supplier since 2004.

We maintain sufficient inventory to prevent potential supply chain disruptions, and don’t invoice you until delivery to your production line. Unique value-added services include priming and finish painting at the factory or in the US, immediately before delivery. And when a product reaches higher volumes, we can take your fabricated part and make it castable.

& Sizes

  • Counterweights

  • Structural castings

  • Cab components

  • Attachments

  • 100 lbs to 8 tons



  • Gray iron

  • Ductile iron

  • Steel

  • Aluminum



  • Investment casting

  • Sand casting (resin and V-process)

  • Permanent mold

  • Die cast

  • Forgings

  • Machining and assembly

  • Primer and finish painting, at point of production or in the US



  • Cross-reference to SAE and JIS specifications

  • Full chemical and physical certifications

  • Mechanical testing options: Charpy V-notch, tensile, stress rupture, and grain size evaluation

  • Non-destructive testing options: x-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant testing

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