EQI is a best-in-class partner, providing risk mitigation and cost containment.

Our 360 Approach offers tailored solutions from start to finish. Distinct metallurgical and casting design expertise, sourcing and logistics experience, on-the-ground foundry management, and flexible fulfillment solutions provide security and uncompromising value.


From castability to product quality to risk mitigation, EQI provides the solution.

Natural disasters, geopolitical challenges, trade disputes, and a myriad of other risks threaten the reliability and efficiency of today’s supply chains. EQI is your best-in-class partner for exceptional engineering, casting design, production management, and logistics services. 


EQI delivers reliable, high-quality castings, forgings, and fabrications on-time and on-budget

From our global foundries to your door, EQI applies a problem-solving mentality to deliver the high-quality metal solutions required by the world’s toughest industrial machinery. When you partner with EQI, you aren’t limited by material and process options or product size envelope.

Kids’ Food Basket Thanks EQI for Five Years of Championship

The EQI team once again participated in Kids’ Food Basket “Go Orange for KFB March Challenge,” placing second in the 2022 event. This year, we raised a total of $6,356.00, donated 170 lbs of food, volunteered 32 hours, decorated bags, made supper packs, and attended dine-out events.  Kids’ Food Basket (KFB) increases access to healthy food for…
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The Now Normal New Normal

The now-normal new normal, for supply chain operations, is not likely to improve anytime soon.
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