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Industry-Niche Applications

EQI partners with the world’s leading OEMs across a broad spectrum of industries. We collaborate with our customers to deliver best-in-class design services, production capabilities, logistics services, machining, inventory warehousing, coatings, and last-mile fulfillment for industry-niche applications.

Material Handling
From <1 kg to over 10 metric tons, EQI supplies a broad range of structural castings, counterweights, and forgings to some of the biggest names in the lift truck and material handling space.

Aerial Work Platform
EQI customers have come to expect a one-stop shop for metal components needed to construct today’s complex Aerial Work Platforms. From castings and forgings to machined pins and fabrications, EQI goes above and beyond to ensure you’re covered.

From huge iron counterweights to large structural steel castings, to die-cast aluminum cab components, EQI manufactures high-quality castings from several materials. EQI isn’t limited to one foundry’s size envelope, material options, or manufacturing process.

To stay at the top of their game, OEMs in the Agriculture and Turf industries rely on EQI to supply a broad range of machined steel castings, iron counterweights, Aluminum die-cast components, and fabricated assemblies. Parts arrive in a ‘line-ready’ configuration to ensure easy assembly.

Machine Tool & Automation
The biggest names in the machine tool and automation industries trust EQI to deliver a variety of durable machine tool castings ranging from very large gray iron bases and columns to tool changers, and die-cast aluminum cutting tool holders.

Anyone in the industry knows that forestry equipment takes a beating. It is critical that these OEMs trust their suppliers to provide the highest quality parts, which is why world-class companies rely on EQI to provide an array of components, from hardened steel investment castings to structural counterweights.

In partnership with the biggest oil and gas equipment suppliers, we understand industry standards, specifications, and challenges. Our experienced engineers help our customers meet quality criteria, consolidate SKUs, and save money through design refinements.

The EQI Advantage

Move your production forward confidently, knowing EQI’s products and services can deliver for you.

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