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Strategic Agility

Our integrated and comprehensive suite of services is purposefully designed to be both strategic and agile. EQI meets our customers where they do business with the goal of always staying aligned. OEMs can choose the services that meet their current needs, and then we get to work, all with cost containment, improved efficiencies, and risk mitigation top of mind.


From Concept to Completion

EQI’s 360° approach simplifies and adds value to every stage of the supply chain, from concept to completion.  This unique process delivers confidence and a level of certainty to every one of our customers.

Product Design and Development

Our technical experts have the deep engineering knowledge, metallurgical expertise, and manufacturing know-how to add value as an extension of your engineering and design team.

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Risk Mitigation

EQI’s global logistics services, tailored solutions, and one-of-a-kind foundry network provide risk mitigation and cost containment for the world’s most demanding OEMs.

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Production Oversight

EQI’s production control and logistics team proactively manages our global foundry network to ensure your components get made correctly and shipped to meet your schedule.

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Global Logistics

We manage every piece of the puzzle, providing you with timely and reliable deliveries without the day-to-day logistics and freight management headaches.

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Inventory Warehousing

EQI has an extensive network of warehouses strategically located around the globe that provide same-day service to our key customers.

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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, EQI knows that coatings can be as equally challenging to get right as the components they are being applied to. Our coatings expertise will make your products shine.

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Finish Machining

From machined bar stock components to complex castings, our robust machining capabilities and systems ensure accuracy, dependability, and repeatability for even the most complex designs.

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Last Mile Fulfillment

When utilizing EQI to our full potential, we can provide a highly streamlined and tailored offering that gets parts directly to your manufacturing line. Operating as your distribution and fulfillment partner yields a powerful value proposition for any OEM.

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The EQI Advantage

Check out EQI’s product menu, which offers consolidated procurement and supply chain certainty.

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