Supply Chain, Simplified.

EQI’s global logistics services, tailored solutions, and one-of-a-kind foundry network provide risk mitigation and cost containment for the world’s most demanding OEMs.


Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics

International sourcing programs require constant attention. EQI manages every piece of the puzzle, providing you with a reliable, secure casting procurement program without the day-to-day project management headaches. Our staff in the U.S., China, India, and Vietnam are available 24/7 to solve problems and keep your supply chain moving.

  • Close attention to all orders
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Competitive and stable freight rates
  • Product consolidation and containerization
  • Online freight tracking
  • Proactive tariff exclusion requests
  • EQI can tailor an inventory solution to meet your needs, including VMI at a third-party warehouse near your facility. We keep the product on our books until it's pulled from inventory, reducing your working capital requirements.
  • Order expediting and project management services

Technical Capabilities

Our engineers have the deep engineering experience, metallurgical expertise, and technical know-how to add value as an extension of your engineering team. We’ve saved clients upwards of $1 million on a single program through product design improvements alone. Lean on us for modeling, prototyping, specialized heat treatments, testing, and more.

  • When we participate in DFM reviews with your engineering team, we’re able to maximize potential cost reductions, ensure castability, and maintain product quality. EQI engineers can also lower your costs by converting fabrications into forgings.
  • EQI is fluent in the many languages of 3D modeling, from Catia to Pro E to Solidworks and Unigraphics. Our US-based casting engineers provide a broad range of CAD-related services to assist your technical and engineering teams.
  • EQI has broad experience with rapid prototyping of cast components. Our close relationships with several domestic stereolithography (SLA), additive manufacturing, and foam pattern shops enable us to quickly produce castings to meet your accelerated development schedules. All rapid prototype programs receive the same program management and PPAP treatment as production parts, to ensure that castings satisfy 100% of your requirements.
  • EQI engineers design all shipping fixtures and product packaging to meet your specifications and ensure optimal containerization. Returnable racks and fixtures support efficient operations inside your manufacturing facility.

  • Our dimensional engineers and inspectors are fluent in GD&T and understand your needs for dimensionally conforming products. Using both non-contact scanning and probe-based onsite FaroArm dimensional inspection units, our experts are able to thoroughly inspect and approve all prototypes.

  • EQI’s engineers oversee all metallurgical testing to ensure your products achieve required chemistry and material properties.

  • A wide variety of heat treatments, including annealing, normalizing, hardening, quench, and tempering, are used to meet specific material property requirements.

Production Management

EQI supports all your design, engineering, and production needs, including solidification modeling, prototyping, APQP, and PPAP qualification services. We collaborate with your staff, using design for manufacturability principles to deliver the desired results on time and on budget.

  • EQI's 360 approach is designed to deliver quality products. Our low reject rates are the result of:

    • Identification, inspection, and audit of qualified manufacturers
    • Daily on-site project management and engineering support
    • Validating dimensional requirements via functional gauging, 3-D scanning, CMM, and other inspection techniques
    • Packaging design and container load diagrams
    • Full range of chemical, metallurgical, and mechanical testing
  • As a value-added partner, EQI has the resources to supply rough and precision machined components, as well as parts assembly and kitting.

Primer and Finish Painting

EQI provides a broad range of primer and finish painting/coating services via wet paint or powder coat applications, both at the point of production and at the warehouse.

EQI’s Craigavon, Ireland, facility has been a leading supplier of wet and powder coating finish painting since 2011, providing exceptional vendor-managed inventory (VMI), a broad range of primer and finish services, and casting repair services. 

VMI solutions can be provided on-site for additional flexibility in your manufacturing process with sequence supply or kitting direct to line side if required.

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Wet Painting Services

Powder Coating Services

Special Color services

Reject Parts Management and Repairs

Part Modifications

Sequence Supply

Sub Assembly