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Streamlined Last Mile Fulfillment

Co-locating multiple fulfillment offerings yields a powerful value proposition for any OEM. When utilizing EQI to its full potential, we provide highly streamlined and tailored solutions to keep your production moving.

EQI execution model:


  • Continual monitoring of dynamic demand signals
  • Adjusting and overseeing production
  • Optimizing and scheduling logistics
  • Localized inventory management
  • Machining, coatings, or assembling the components
  • Final QC check
  • Returnable racking and dunnage options
  • EDI / ASN communication
  • Sequenced deliveries to your manufacturing line


EQI is your partner, managing a complex global supply chain for your metal component needs.  When you order from EQI, you get supply chain certainty that not only goes the extra mile, but fulfills the order to the last mile.

The EQI Advantage

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