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We believe the only effective approach to making the world a better place is through impactful community engagement and a continuous focus on sustainable and ethical business practices.


EQI has developed a program to monitor its carbon footprint by tracking carbon output annually.  We are actively working to consolidate shipments to reduce our carbon output per unit of volume.


EQI continues to invest in the local communities where we operate.  Over the past several years, EQI has participated in local community events, including volunteering with Kids Food Basket, the West Michigan Veteran’s Coalition, and Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes.  We support our local partners financially and through hands-on volunteering to maximize the benefits EQI brings to the community.


EQI demonstrates an unwavering commitment to employee well being, safety, social responsibility, and ethical conduct throughout its corporate operations. In 2022, EQI was awarded it’s 6th consecutive recognition as one of Michigan’s “Best & Brightest Companies to Work For.”