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Kids’ Food Basket Thanks EQI for Five Years of Championship

By: David Redeker, VP of Sales & Marketing

The EQI team once again participated in Kids’ Food Basket “Go Orange for KFB March Challenge,” placing second in the 2022 event. This year, we raised a total of $6,356.00, donated 170 lbs of food, volunteered 32 hours, decorated bags, made supper packs, and attended dine-out events.

Kids’ Food Basket (KFB) increases access to healthy food for children and families in West Michigan. KFB president and founding CEO Bridget Clark Whitney thanked the EQI team for its dedication and support for the last five years.

“We are so grateful to you and all of the ways you have championed this beautiful, critical mission,” said Clark Whitney in a video message, noting that KFB’s Muskegon location serves 1,700 meals every weekday during the school year and summer.

“Your contributions, your championship, and your volunteerism is helping our community show up for each and every one of our kids,” she said. “We’re really grateful for EQI, your whole company, and your whole team.”

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