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Map of Asia calling out EQI's offices in Coimbatore, India.

EQI Expands in India

As part of our continuous efforts to better serve our clients globally, EQI recently expanded its offices in Coimbatore, India.


Over the past few years, our head office in India has been increasing the strength of its team in various departments, including Engineering, Quality, and Supply Chain. As the team grew, so did their need for a larger space with more workstations.

Recognizing the importance of providing our 19-person (and growing) team with the resources they need to be successful, EQI strategically chose to add office space in government-owned TIDEL Park. This central location, near the airport and railway station, meets our current needs and positions us for future growth.

EQI India is one of five global headquarters in North America and Asia. Together with warehouses, fulfillment centers, and manufacturing facilities, EQI has customer touchpoints across the globe.

With the expansion in India, EQI has improved its capability to handle global complexities faced by our customers. We will continue to seek avenues of growth for our clients, company, and employees while cultivating our position as leading providers of line-ready components that streamline and de-risk the supply chain for industrial equipment manufacturers.